Lindqvist, Yvonne. “Translation Bibliomigrancy: The Case of Contemporary Caribbean Literature in Scandinavia.” Stockholm University Press, Nov. 2018,

This is an article about the translation process of Caribbean books into Scandinavian languages such as Swedish, Danish and Norwegian. The article explains the relationships of languages in global translation. This includes the most popular languages that books are translated from and why few Caribbean books are directly translated into Scandinavian languages. It explains that Caribbean books must first gain popularity through translation/publication then the text is translated to a Scandinavian language.

This article helped me begin to understand the context behind global translation and Caribbean translations. Though it may not have direct information on a specific book and its translations I believe it is valuable to my project and understanding the why behind the translation of Caribbean text. I hope to find the rest of this article’s pages and other articles in this series to further understand the context of Caribbean translations. I also hope to make use of the bibliography section to learn more.

Index Translationum.

This is UNESCO’s database of translated books. The bibliographic search allows you to search for a book translation by entering one or more search criteria. The results come in the format Author: Title [Language] / Translator / Publisher [Place], year. Pages. Original Title [Original Language]. I will be using this resource to map out the places the books were published and also in the instance that the spreadsheet is missing information that I need.

Linkedin. Linkedin will be a useful resource for books recently translated. I will be using linkedin to find the linkedin profile of translators who will have links to their personal website or information on the books they have translated. Linkedin profiles will also have a background of the person’s professional life. What I am looking to do is find background information on the person and how they came about translating the book. This may happen through finding their (past) place of work.

Wikipedia. “Main Page.” Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia, 17 June 2022,

I will also use wikipedia to find information on the translator. Wikipedia will be a useful tool for older books and I also expect to find more information on wikipedia than in linkedin. In addition to information on the translator I will search for information on the publisher as well as the author.